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March 1, 2013

Bold As Love: Shinique Smith

Shinique Smith
Bold as Love
Installation View
Photographer: Jason Mandella

Transforming what is not traditionally beautiful into something that is magnificently radiant; this is love. This is also the inspiration for the artist Shinique Smith who’s inspiration ascends from the things we commonly consume and discard. Sometimes these items are old articles of clothing crafted into stunning sculptural works, a practice by which the artist is known. Other times Smith dances gracefully using delicate watercolor-esque inks and acrylics, which move about the canvas in rhythmic time. No matter what form the work takes, they are usually beautiful, full of twisting emotion and artistic calculation.

Shinique Smith
Kaleidoscope, 2013
James Cohen Gallery

The pieces in this show are not so much about chance or love at first sight, the concept of love often rendered, rather the work, and their suggestion about love, base themselves around the idea of the mandala, a sacred and mathematical form, which supposes that everything is already ordered; everything is exactly where it is supposed to be. Indeed how bold; to find peace in this fact, to make art and love out of this knowing that everything is exactly where its supposed to be. It seems to give the artist and the viewer alike a sense of calm amidst such a fast paced world and furthermore the ability to create something beautiful out of the things, like old t-shirts that we cast aside.

Shinique Smith
Surely, you will open me, 2013
James Cohen Gallery

Whether suspended from the sky in her sculptural bundles or mounted on the walls of the gallery, each piece radiates with warm sentiments of spring, of rebirth, and indeed of love. The show is fiercely feminine, in this feeling. This is not to suggest female exclusively but moreso the feminine presence that love uncovers in all of us— a softer, more elegant human nature that finds a way to feel and hold on to other beings despite it all.

Shinique Smith
The Spark, 2013
James Cohan Gallery

"Bold As Love," Smith’s debut exhibition at the James Cohan Gallery, is a peaceful retreat in the center of the city. Her works are stunning and indeed Lovely. This is a small show, but one that quickly envelops with a warm embrace— it is one to check out for sure.

"Bold As Love" is on view through March 16 at the James Cohan Gallery, 533 W 26th St New York, NY 10001

Posted at 12:00 AM

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